I came across a couple of clips recently in which celebrities were talking about food and drugs.

This first clip is from The Martha Stewart Show. The guest is Elizabeth Perkins, who plays Celia Hoades on Showtime’s Weeds. Perkins and Stewart are making brownies together and Martha decides to throw some unnamed substance in the batch. It looks like Martha has come across some alternative baking methods and she is friendly with the cannabis plant. However I’m pretty sure if you were to make a batch of magic brownies you wouldn’t toss actual weed in the mix but cannabis-infused butter or oil. Not that I’ve research this or anything. But I think the guests that day hit the jackpot since chefs usual let the audience taste the foods they’ve made on set. Sorry the quality isn’t that great, it’s the best I could find.

This second clip is from Regis and Kelly Live. Anderson Cooper, the anchor from CNN, is a guest host and tells Kelly that he’s addicted to crack pies that are sold at some New York bakery. I’m not sure what a crack pie is or why Cooper likes them so much, but if a CNN anchor approves I guess that’s good enough for me. I mean when was the last time a news anchor led you in the wrong direction? Or into a drug addiction?  Never, right? The video can be watched on the link below.

Jezebel – Anderson Cooper is Addicted to Crack Pie

In other news, here is a really lame website I found that is all things Anderson Cooper. Videos, photos, and a calender of Anderson-related events this blog is stalker central at its best. Enjoy!

M elissa