If you attended my wedding you might be wondering what we did with those canvas “guestbooks” we asked everyone to sign. Well, we tacked them to our living room wall! That was one of the reasons I wanted to use these homemade guestbooks because I wanted to display them and always remember that wonderful day and everyone who was there with us.

Here’s the first of the canvases. I glued our wedding invitation in the middle and our guests used a paint pen to sign and congratulate. There is a “Woohoo!” on the top left corner that is anonymous, so whoever the writer is, thanks, we feel the same way about being married.

Here’s the second canvas. It has a cutout that I made for Adam a few Valentine Day’s ago. In case you were wondering I’m the one in the pretty red dress and Adam is the one in jeans and his trademark black t-shirt. Whoever drew smell/dirt lines around Adam, reveal yourself! Whoever drew the hearts, nice touch! If you look closer at this picture you’ll notice two screws stuck in a cork. One night our friends Ryan and Michelle came over with a bottle of wine but my husband and I didn’t have a wine opener. So we stuck screws into the cork and popped it open. I don’t remember exactly how they got the cork out (with their hands?) but we were determined to have some wine. So Ryan placed the cork on top of the canvas as a testament to our determination for alcohol. I am pleased to say after this incident I went out and purchased a wine opener, so if anyone wants to bring us wine, no fear we now have TWO ways of opening the bottle (opposed to my third way, which was to just break the bottle open – no one was in favor of this though.)

So thanks to everyone who was there – it wouldn’t have been the same without you. And if you didn’t get the chance to sign the guestbook, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of space and plenty of ink in the paint pens.

M elissa