No, I will not be telling a tale of heaven and life lessons. Or will I?

Tired. Got up at 4am to get exactly 4 hours of sleep. By six I made a hearty breakfast of eggs and toast. By nine I was washing overdue dirty dishes. By eleven I was making lasagna and breadsticks. By two I was baking chocolate chip cookies. Who was I trying to impress? No one! I was just enjoying my day off. While I don’t want to wake up before sunrise routinely, I do like arising early.  It is nice to have the quiet morning hours to oneself and the opportunity to pace myself throughout the day.

I decided to take some photos in my kitchen since the afternoon light brightens the table nicely.

The only things to take pictures of was food and I’m kinda tired of taking pictures of food. I like to be outside near trees and grass and bugs and flowers, but it’s too cold. So I took pictures of rolled oats. That’s all I have to work with! Oats! Woe is me! J/K, but I am seriously tired of taking food pictures for it is too much work and the shots never come out the way I’d like (and I’m a very specific person; I know what I want and I’ll try my damnest to get there). It’s a good quality, wear it sometime. If you don’t like it, you can always return it. Or you can keep it in your closet to try on for a different day when you feel the nudge of assuredness. Are you still following me?

Oh yes, oats. A whole grain and heart happy food. For a balanced diet make sure HEART-y oats are present. Pun definitely intended.

I’m a sucker for shadows.


The fruits of my baking frenzy. Notice the New Yorker poster. Free by mail AND it doubles as a calender. Life is beautiful.

Vampire Weekend and Lisa Hannigan was listened to while baking/cleaning/resting.

M elissa