Last year I was poor and consumed with wedding planning, new job, new school, and new place. This year life’s little stressors have waned I have more time for things I enjoy – like faaaasshhhiiiooonnnn!

Yeah, no. Not that kind of fashion. The kind that is artistic and practical (and yes I realize those two are paradoxical) but I think you can have both.

A few weeks ago I went on a mini-shopping spree to American Eagle’s website. There was a clearance sale and let’s just say I devoured it. I deflowered it. Literally, I porked it [stella reference]. Remember the times when you would go to a store, scour their racks, try on hundreds of items, but only left with one or two things because nothing fit right? Those days are over for me because I am an official convert to Web-shopping. Or Webopping. Yes, webopping.

Webopping is simple, you just need to know two things:

1. Know your measurements!

Measure you hips, chest, waist, length from crotch to bottom of leg, and length from crotch up to top of hip (the last two seem strange but if you want a perfect fitting pair of pants, measure these areas.) Every store’s website will have a measuring chart. Find the size that fits YOUR measurements best.

2. Know your style.

You should already have an idea of what you want to purchase even if it’s just “Jeans, dark wash”. This will lead to better search results and probably less impulse buys.

My first buy was this AE sergeant jacket. I love it!

Moving along with winter wear I also bought this knitted beret – mine’s in white though. It’s also from AE. I’m falling in love with knitted berets – I want to have one in every color!

I wanted a new pair of jeans so I got these AE Favorite Boyfriend in Deep Indigo. Since the last pair of jeans I bought were too big I made sure to measure hips and leg length.

Sudden realizations I had before purchasing these jeans:

1. I like low-rise. For me, this is how all my pants are suppose to fit.

2. I most always have to buy “short” length jeans (even though I’m 5’5” – which is average height.)

Lastly, I bought a scarf to match the beret. Again it is white. I haven’t worn the scarf out yet because the jacket has a high collar and keeps my neck warm.

The other day I went thrifting. I completely forgot how many good (and cheap) things you can find at a thrift store. I’ll have to post the two skirts I bought there.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been frequenting some fashion blogs. – this one may seem lame, but they have some good fashion/beauty articles.

Style Rookie – Definitely check this website out.  13 year old writer, goes to fashion shows, has written articles for Harper’s Bazaar.  This kid is cooler than me.

What do you think? Leave your fashion-related comments below!

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