I told you what the best snack ever was and now I bring you the second best snack.

Vegetables with hummus. Behold the deliciousity.

Upon further inspection of this photo, I realized that the pile of hummus looks like a vagina. Freudian slip on my part? I dunno. But I’ve decided to provide you with another photo that is not literal food porn (opposed to the other kind of food porn).

Here’s a better – and less revealing – view.

So now that I’ve successfully put dirty thoughts in your head (you sick freak) and used the words “vagina” and “hummus” in the same sentence (uh, ew), I think I’ll leave you now. Yep that’s how I’m finishing this post. Vagina and hummus. Now lets see if this post becomes wildly popular because it has the word vagina. And hummus. Okay, I’ll stop now.

Night y’all!
M elissa