You probably know Lisa Hannigan; she sang with Damien Rice on both “O’ and “9”. Then she started a solo career. I went to a Damien Rice concert, about a month after Hannigan split from Rice. It was still a good concert – I felt bad for Mr. Damien because during Lisa’s part he would fill in with vocals or instrumentation, at which the crowd booed him every time. I’m not sure what the crowd expected – her voice to magically waft through the speakers or her song to channel through Damien’s vocal cords – either way, the songs sounded different, which wasn’t a bad thing.

I understand why the crowd was upset – her voice is phenomenal, quirky and sweet.

In this song there’s a line that says “I can cook for you” and every time I listen it, I promptly think of this blog. The music video is crafty and sweet, worth checking out.

p.s. she’s so crafty. evidence #2 below.

p.s.s. i really like this song also.

lisa hannigan overload? sorry.

if you likesy, all the songs are from her new album, sea sew.

M elissa