Payless Shoesource is having a Buy One, Get One free sale. I know it because I received an email from them. Anyway I went over to the website to look at the cute shoes I could be buying, but won’t because I’m not a freakin’ millionaire. While I was browsing I came across the most hideous, awfullest, most  horrid pair of shoes.

I present the Converse Boots.

Excuse me while I clean up the barf I just spewed while looking at these.

Isn’t it enough that everyone and their brother owns a pair of Converse/High Kicks/Knee Tops/whatever the hell they are called/most widely worn shoe that people wear to express their individuality but aren’t because every one else and their brother has a pair. And then some shoe designer comes along and has the audacity to merge this specific shoe with a boot. A BOOT! Good lord, I’m about to cry at the ugliness of this footwear.

If I ever see someone in these shoes I would probably set myself on fire.

Obey my dog,
M elissa