So what was The Modest Kitchen up to this week?

I made these meatballs from The Kithcn. Pretty, pretty good – they had a different texture than I expected but not bad indeed.

I posted the 3rd episode of Faces of America.

I took photos of beer (not posted yet).

I braided bread and unleashed Apple Dairy Crunch to the world (thanks to Bricka Brack for the official title).

I’m loving NPR’s new workout music series. Best one by far – Classical Strongman’s Guide To Awesome Abs. Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass is bold and repetitive. Next stop on the fitness train: abs of the gods.

I promise Neapolitan muffins are coming soon, hopefully by the end of the weekend.

I’ve been watching a ton of Arrested Development.

I bought some Chianti (Gabbiano). I recommend it (and so does food/wine pairing sites and the back of the bottle) with pasta (and meatballs!).

I’m anticipating the arrival of Sister Spring.

E.E. Cummings (Selected Poems, 1994)

|||||||||into the strenuous briefness
|||||||||handorgans and April

|||||||||i charge laughing.
|||||||||Into the hair-thin tints
|||||||||of yellow dawn,
|||||||||into the women-coloured twilight

|||||||||i smilingly
|||||||||glide. I
|||||||||into the big vermilion departure

|||||||||(Do you think?)the
|||||||||i do,world
|||||||||is probably made
|||||||||of roses & hello:

|||||||||(of solongs and,ashes)
I wiped down the world map that is tacked on my kitchen wall. A new level of cleaning obsession? Probably not. Ridiculous behavior? Absolutely. But in my defense I wanted the countries to be squeaky clean and shiny.
I downloaded some Billy Joel to my iPod. I know, I know, cringe if you must but Joel’s music is sort of nostalgic for me. And who can’t get down with My Life (actual starts about 1:20), You May Be Right, and Uptown Girl?
I also downloaded a Beatles song. When it comes to the Beatles, I’m sort of ignorant to their music. I grew up listening to 70’s rock (thank you dad) and 80’s pop (thank you mom). But lately I’ve noticed that every other commercial has a Beatles song playing in the background, usually performed by some awful band who should not have been granted rights to the music and lyrics and incredibly managed to completely butcher the song (case and point: this Blackberry commercial). Point? I like Tomorrow Never Knows – psychedelic rock at its finest.
Did I mention I’m awaiting the arrival of Spring? Oh, I already did? Well, if that process could be sped up I’d really appreciate it. I’m tired of freezing my nips off.
I think that should be enough links to last you for the weekend. Or for about an hour. Make it last – no coming back asking “Please sir, can I have some more?” There’s not enough Internet for everyone. Just kidding : ) In a few years the future will be spelled I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T. (my guess is G.O.O.G.L.E will be the initiator).
Enjoy the weekend,
M elissa