I’ve decided to start a new installment to my blog called The Daily Drool. In these posts you can expect to find exquisite pictures of food – so delightful in sight your salivary glands will go into overdrive before you even realize you’ve justed drooled all over your keyboard.

Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration but I can promise to provide you with amazing food pictures and recipes that I’ve have stumbled upon while wading through the deep, wide sea called the Internet.

I will try to post a Daily Drool every day. A challenge for me and hopefully an enjoyment for you.

Let’s begin!

I was inspired to begin this installment after coming across this recipe from Almost Bourdain. While I always thought February was the month of my birthday, apparently other things are celebrated during the month, like the Daring Baker’s Challenge. Below is a tiramisu cake concocted of 8 elements (damn, that’s a lot!) for the challenge. This looks like one of the hardest cake (is it even a cake? I have no idea!) ever made. Each layer has its own recipe. That is one high maintenance but beautiful culinary feat.

If I were to ever salute a confection, it would be this one.

Click the image to see Almost Bourdain‘s Eight Texture Tiramisu.