Adam finally has gotten his Macbook fixed. The hard drive crashed and for 3 months (3 months!) we shared my laptop. Now that his computer is fixed we can nerd out on our own computers and I will be happy to have an Adam-free desktop (he would put some of the most stupid pictures on my desktop). Actually sharing computers really wasn’t that bad – I had no complaints (except for the one I just posed). I will freely share but it is nice to call something mine again.

Adam’s hard drive came in yesterday and when he took out the old hard drive I took it apart. Inside the hard drive is a small disc on which all of the computer’s data is stored.

The motherboard.

The circular disc that looks like a mirror is the platter. It's where the data is stored.


The silver part by the yellow part (such precise descriptions!), the silver part is the actuator arm and it moves the platter by receiving instructions from the operating system to read/write/record data to the platter.

Alright, enough nerding for tonight. Peace!
M elissa