I love lemon bars – ’nuff said.

I would make lemon bars in my own kitchen, but my husband is not fond of citrus-induced desserts. And since I try not to eat an entire plate of goodies in one sitting, I’d rather not make a whole batch of bars that I eat on my lonesome. So I say to you – show me a one-serving-sized lemon bar treat recipe and for your work I’ll give you a virtual hug.

These raspberry lemonade bars sound sweet, tart and delicious – and a perfect summer day accompaniment.

Click on the image to see 6 Bittersweets‘s Raspberry Lemonade Bars.

Raspberry Lemonade Bars

I would like to note that the Modest Kitchen‘s Daily Drool installment is not in relation with this Daily Drool installment. But when I saw this I had a good laugh. Perhaps Man Planet and I could team up and provide the web with excellent food photography paired with yummy photos of half-naked men. Just a thought I’m entertaining.