Okay you win, this is an awesome recipe.

I didn’t even think twice about posting this recipe for today’s Daily Drool. I saw the picture and I was sold.

A pretzel waffle. Or a waffle pretzel? Which comes first, I do not know. I’m a little loopy today because I did not sleep last night. I got so excited with the sudden influx of blog views and comments and then I joined Food Blog Forum (which by the way is one of the BEST sites for food blogging I’ve found). It’s new and is headed by Steamy Kitchen and White on Rice. If you’re a food blogger, food photographer, food reviewer, want to get started in any of those ventures, or are just curious about the genre, definitely check out the website. I love it!

But what I was getting at was there was so much excitement going on last night, my mind forgot to settle down and I didn’t get a wink of sleep. And as I’m linking the picture below, I realize the entire blog is dedicated to waffles. Hehe. I like that.

Click on the image to see Waffleizer‘s Waffled Soft Pretzels.