Another two-in-one post!

Okay, don’t these look great!? Yeah, delicious. Yum. I always slather butter and maple syrup on my waffles, but the kiwi and jam look a helluva lot better (I love that helluva is not underlined as a spell check word. Yep folks, this is the direction the English language is heading).

Click on the image to see My Kitchen Addiction‘s Kodiak Cake Waffles.

And finally a one ingredient peanut butter! Duh, peanut butter is going to be made of peanuts but fresh peanut butter is unheard of today. Who makes fresh peanut butter when needed or wanted? Awesome people who should be my friends, that is who.

Click on the image to see Food Mayhem‘s Fresh Peanut Butter.

fresh peanut butter on English Muffin 2