So I have been neglecting Flax Seed Month. I wanted to make a smoothie and crackers and bread but getting together the ingredients, making the recipe, taking pictures and then posting it – it has been daunting. Okay, it hasn’t been that daunting, I have been lazy. And while working with flax seed has been fun, especially since it is something I have never worked with before, I got bored with the recipes. Yes, I got bored using flax seed. The girl who tried to institute a Flax Seed Month grew a boredom for working with the stuff.

Whew, now that I’ve got that off my chest I will say that more flax seed recipes will eventually show up on this blog. But for right now my curiosity and innate experimental-ness have overtaken me. For example, today I decided to grocery shop at a large-chain store (instead of at a Super Wal-Mart) and I was so excited and overwhelmed by how many choices and variety of foods there was to choose from. I went to the baking aisle and there was Panko crumbs. I got so excited about these Japanese breadcrumbs being available in my town; it was ridiculous. Once I spotted them I kept thinking about how I could use them and how cheap a box of Panko crumbs was. And as I write this I realize that I was once this excited about flax seed as I am about Panko crumbs right now.

I am definitely somewhat of  a capricious cook and I think that is okay, as long as my readers and eaters can keep up with me. While I am particular about certain things in my kitchen, I just can’t help it that I’m curious like a cat and maybe just a little changeful.

And now to the purpose of this post: to lead to you to a flax seed recipe. Joy the Baker shared an Apple Walnut Bread recipe that uses flax seed on her site, so check it out!

Click on the image to see Joy the Baker‘s Apple Walnut Flax Seed Bread.

Apple Walnut Flax Seed Bread