Sorry everyone, I failed. Within the 9 days from starting a month of no fast food to today, I ate out 3 different times: once at Panera Bread, once at Dairy Queen, and once at Jimmy Johns.

Let’s just say the shit hit the fan and I found one source to my problem: I eat when I’m stressed out.

I can’t believe it has only been 9 days since swearing off fast food because it seriously felt longer than that. I did not miss fast food at all but I quickly felt the change in my body: I felt better, I had lots more energy, and I was choosing healthier foods to eat.

About having lots more energy, I mean LOTS! For a few days I was exercising morning, afternoon, and evening – yes because it was gorgeous outside and I wanted to get out of the house but also because I didn’t feel like I was lugging my body around. I felt lighter even though I hadn’t lost any weight.

So even though I did not complete being off fast food for 30 days the first time I’m trying again for a second time.

So starting today, Thursday April 8 2010 until Friday May 7 2010 I will start NMFF (No More Fast Food) Round Two. I think I will be even more successful this time. From the last nine days I’ve seen what triggers me and here are some tings I’ve found out about myself –

1. Stress makes me want to eat. I think this is something many people can say and it can be hard to get over. I have found that working out, exercising, moving – doing anything else that exerts energy – makes me feel SO MUCH better afterward than eating. I like the feeling I get after working out WAY BETTER than the feeling I get when I eat because I am stressed.

2. I feel awesome when I am active. The very day I swore off fast food I also picked up a Tai Chi workout DVD (something I have never tried) and I have been doing Pilates and have been going for walks and bicycle rides. I was surprised to feel the quick change in my body

3. Eating every meal either at home or that was made from home is hard. Sometimes it is just easier to pick something up some place other than my kitchen. But I wanted to do this to see the change in myself, my eating habits, and my body – so I will just have to suck it up and spend a little extra time preparing meals (which luckily I don’t mind too much 🙂 )

4. Even though I did not complete my mission I am not discouraged. I made a decision to change something and I tried it. I did not win but I tried. And I am trying again. And I believe this time I will be successful.

So here I go for a second time.

I’m a little bummed that I failed the first time because now I have to start from the very beginning.

But I won’t get anywhere without hard work.