YellowWhiteCereal Smiles

The Modest Kitchen

I have always enjoyed to bake and cook. When I was younger I wanted to try new recipes; sometimes they worked and other times they didn’t. I was able to do a few recipes well and my family would request that I make them. When I went to college I went on a hiatus from cooking because I did not have access to a kitchen. With just a coffee pot and microwave I still tried to make a few meals but the only successful one being spaghetti. Once I moved into my first apartment I was able to make my own kitchen space and slowly start stocking its shelves and drawers. Thankfully my parents purchased a lot of the necessitates like a table and chairs, plates, silverware, cooking utensils, and so on. As time went on I would pick up a pot here or purchase a grater there. At first I thought I could not cook much because I didn’t have a blender and hand mixer or a muffin tin and a cake pan. My curiosity and love of cooking got the best of me and I started cooking with what I had and it was successful.

I’ve become perfectly content with the modest items I have and can cook perfectly well with them. When I approach cooking or baking I enter the kitchen thinking two things. The first is that the recipe should be fairly simple. If a recipe takes an hour long to prepare that is fine but I will not be spending hours upon hours every night for one meal. Most recipes I make I try to do in the least amount of steps possible. The second thing I think is I’m only going to use what is typically in my kitchen. I try to find recipes with foods and spices that I already have available. If there is a recipe that I really want to try but it requires a food I don’t normally use I’ll either find a few other recipes with that food so I’m sure to use it up or I’ll find a substitute for that food. I do not want to waste money on something I will use only once or that will spoil because I didn’t use all of it.

Finally, while in my kitchen I’m also concerned with money and health. I try to make low-budget but flavorful and delicious foods. Of course I do splurge sometimes : ). I love cooking simple and hearty foods and would rather make something from scratch than purchasing it at the grocery store. Now it can be tricky to learn what’s best to buy and what can be better off making yourself but we all learn through trial and error.

The Modest Photographer

I’ve always enjoyed art and in particular photography because it is able to capture those moments. You know, those moments that fade quickly and say everything but speak quietly. I like that with a photograph I can steal those moments and pocket them forever.

I didn’t start taking photos until college when my grandpa gave me a camera. It was a Kodak Easy Share and I took it with me to South Carolina. I took about 500 pictures and after editing there were probably about 50 good ones. A few years later my grandpa bought another camera for me (this time it was as a wedding gift) and my husband and I used it wildly. Even when we would take 200-300 pictures, there was only about 20 that we really liked.

So what do I like to take pictures of? You’ll just have to check out my blog to answer that one. I will tell you that I’m inspired by nature and the things in the world I believe get overlooked often. I always want to be broadening my horizons and trying new things so I hope this will spill over into my photography and show up on this blog.

The Modest Storyteller

It’s no secret that I love stories. I love any story in a book form. I like television shows over movies because the story is longer. I like children’s books – especially coming-of-age novels. I even love history just because it has the word “story” in it. Actually I really do find history fascinating and this is mostly due to my husband’s incessant watching of The History Channel.

Since I love stories so much I decided to try my hand at storytelling. What in particular will I write about? Friend, that remains a mystery to us both and I know that it will evolve over time. But I’ve got a few ideas swimming in my head that will show up on the blog soon enough. For me  inspiration comes from a myriad of things – maybe it’s music or art or a conversation or a meditation. I will say if you like yarns and verses, memoirs and fiction check back often because I’ll be spinning many tales.

So join me as I display some of my favorite recipes, photographs, and stories. Much of what I’ll post will be brand new for me. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!