This is the chant I said to myself last night as I fell asleep. I usually eat fast food late at night and that night I had just finished a McDonald’s Hot Fudge Sundae and chicken nuggets. Just about every time I eat anything not homemade I always complain about feeling sick afterward. Literally every time. You would figure that after a couple of times I would learn to stop eating foods that make me feel sick but I haven’t. It is oh so sad.

Since last night I’ve decided to not eat fast food for a month. I will start today March 30, 2010 and go until April 30, 2010 – the last day of April. So I am actually doing a little more than a month but hey, I don’t like to gloat : )

Here is the assignment:

  • Absolutely no fast food. Even a soda or a cup for water, I will not consume a thing from any fast food eatery during this period.
  • IF someone invites me to a sit-down restaurant (this is very unlikely but it it always good to plan ahead) I will ONLY order something that in unprocessed, such as a salad, fruits or vegetables.

Okay, that is it. And I am ready to begin!

Anybody else out there who has sworn off fast food? For forever? Or for a month, a week, or a day? I would like to hear from you if you have! Comment below!

UPDATE: I forgot to add a link that sort of got me thinking about this – The Great Burrito Challenge: Fast vs. Fresh.