When I was reading the March issue of Marth Stewart Living there was an article about steeping herbs in a French press to make your own herbal teas. I loved this idea! You can pretty much create whatever flavorful and aromatic infusion you desire using fresh herbs and fruits. Just place a mixture of herbs and fruits into the French press, add boiling water and steep for 5 -10 minutes.

I do not have a French press but I do have a water boiler and perhaps I will try to make my own herbal infusion using it. I imagine as long as you have something to trap the “tea leaves” with, you could very well make this using any method you choose.

So now I’m thinking about infusions I’d like to create. Hmm, orange and mint come to mind. Apple and mint. I have fresh mint in the house which is why I keep going there. Pear lemon rosemary. I don’t know; maybe that’s too much. Now curiosity has got the best of me and I will HAVE to try some of these herbal infusions.

So what do you think: Yay or nay on Martha Stewart’s Homemade Herbal Infusions? Do you have a different way to make herbal teas? Any herbal tea recipes you would like to share? Leave a comment below!

Click on the image to see Martha Stewart‘s Easy Homemade Infusions.

Easy Homemade Infusions